Coastal & Marine
Lampl Herbert Consultants has worked with coastal communities for more than 30 years to identify challenges, plan for the future, and develop action plans.


LHC helps communities develop resilience and plan to adapt to changing economic and environmental circumstances. Our Core Services include:


      • Community Development
      • Economic Development
      • Public Policy
      • Research
      • Strategic Planning & Management


LHC worked with a local government and state economic development agency to identify waterfront properties that could be used for landing fish and seafood and upland areas suitable for off-water processing.  We created a road map for action that led to the county purchase of two waterfront properties and wrote grants that brought in more than half-million dollars to improve waterfront access for commercial fishermen, seafood harvesters, and the public.


* * *


On behalf of a local government, LHC conducted research on ecotourism as an economic strategy for a rural, coastal community; prepared mini-case studies on "how to" develop ecotourism from the experience of other communities around the country.


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