Land & Water
Florida's landscape is marked by lakes, rivers, and streams. Lampl Herbert Consultants works with communities, private industry, and governmental agencies to protect, develop, and manage these land and water resources.


We help individuals and organizations to clarify their needs, plan for the future, and turn plans into action. Lampl Herbert Consultants' services address the following types of projects:


      • Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)
      • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
      • Strategic planning and management


On behalf of a local South Florida government, LHC conducted a resource assessment over 25,000 acres to manage and protect its assets.  Options included restoration of wetlands, creation of a mitigation bank, and development of an off-highway vehicle (OHV) facility. The assessment also considered the potential for mineral resources across the property.


* * *


On behalf of a large land holder in South Florida (130,000 acres), LHC developed a wildlife management plan which took into account state and federally listed wildlife, invasive species, and other select wildlife species of importance to the area.


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Commercial fishing boats tied up at Scipio Creek, Apalachicola, Florida. view
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